How much does a gallon of gas weigh?

Though it varies depending on the type of gas, an average gallon weighs around 6 pounds.

Petrol (gas) tank holds about 4 gallons, but it actually can hold more than 4 gallons. It depends on the size of the tank too. I’m thinking about buying an aftermarket gas tank off eBay if it will fit my car (and what’s the cost for installation?). The thing is, how much does a gallon weigh? How long would it take to move one gallon?

If you brought a gallon of gas to the gym how much would that weigh?

This is what I’m asking my friends right now, they think about half a pound or so. Maybe only 4-5 pounds for smaller gallon sized containers.

How funny would it be to bring fuel into your gym and compare how much it actually weighs with those little containers they sell at the grocery store.

How long would a gallon weigh if you put it on a scale? You can’t answer that right? Well I didn’t either, so I looked it up, and here’s what I found: “Gasoline is approximately 6 pounds per gallon.”

So how much does a gallon of gas weigh? It weighs 6 pounds.

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