How to be happier?

If you\’re looking for tips on how to be happier, you\’re in the right place. I\’m here to give you 5 tips on how to be happier, and they\’re all easy to do.

One. Smile. I know, I know. It sounds like such an easy task. But when you consciously think about smiling – and when you do it, it makes you genuinely happier. I know, because it\’s happened many times before. Smiling is contagious, and if you smile at someone and they smile back, that makes both of you happy.

Two. Call up and reconnect with one old friend or family member. All of our lives, people come and go. You might feel bad for being so busy that you can\’t keep up with the people you care about.

Three. Put your phone away for a few hours every day. Cut back on television news which tends to induce feelings of paranoia. Engage in acts of kindness. Finally, well being is promoted when you focus on the positive aspects of your life.

Four. Lots of people want to be happier, but not many of them know how. Maybe that\’s because happiness is like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. It\’s hard to find, and you\’re never quite sure if you\’ve found it.

Five:  We all want to be happier, this is achievable with a few lifestyle changes. The first thing you can do is to change your attitude, which is a very small step too. You simply need to come up with a philosophy of life that supports a happy a mindset. For instance, focusing on what you have rather than on what you don\’t have will make you feel happier.

Start by accepting your imperfections and move on from there. Too many people get into a cycle of self-destruction simply  because they cannot accept that they cannot be perfect.

It\’s hard to be a super-mom who does a million things perfectly. It\’s hard to be a super-scientist who does a million things perfectly. It\’s hard to be a super-lawyer who does a million things perfectly. It\’s hard to be a super-entrepreneur who does a million things perfectly. But remember, nobody can be perfect. And nobody is asking you to be. In order to be happier, you need to  be real. You need to love yourself, even with your flaws. You need to be grateful for the struggles you have, because they make you stronger. And don\’t compare yourself to others.

Nothing can ever bring you more joy than loving yourself.

So stop worrying about not being perfect. And stop blaming yourself for not being perfect. You are fine just the way you are. Everyone has their own struggles to deal with. And if they seem to have it better off than you, it could be that  you don\’t know that their life is a struggle.

I know I\’m not perfect. But you know what? I\’m happier than I\’ve been in a really long time. I\’m not perfect, I\’m happy.  Look at what people in the world are doing right now. There are people who are the same damn way the world. Pretending like they are happy. I can\’t even remember the last time I really laughed. But I\’m happy.

Maybe I\’m not. Maybe I should take my own happiness. Maybe I should be more concerned about other people. Maybe I should like like other people like me.

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