Did you know that there are more bacteria in your gut than there are people on earth?

And yet, without the right good bacteria in your gut, you’ll never be healthy. For example, do you have any of these symptoms? – bloating after eating – diarrhea or constipation – excessive gas – skin problems such as acne, dermatitis or psoriasis – fatigue – cravings for sugar, carbs or other foods you know … Read more

The brain of any computer system is the hard disk

The brain of any computer system is the hard disk. The RAM(Random Access Memory) serves as a temporary storage media for the CPU to retrieve the programs and data it needs. However, RAM has a limitation of the amount of data it could store so frequently used information will be stored in the hard disk … Read more

Search between giant rock man

A search and rescue team from the First Regiment of The Search Brigade successfully found an injured searchee after hours of searching in the vicinity between a giant rock man. Search Team Giant Rock The searches They, comprising 3 search members, got lost while searching for search between giant rock man around 17:00 yesterday afternoon. … Read more